Saving Money with your Furry Friends

  1. Research local shelters and rescues. Many offer lower cost vaccinations and host spay and neuter clinics at  a huge discount over a vet’s office. We have a regular vet for sickness or injury, but we use a local shelter clinic for vaccines and heart worm medications and save hundreds of dollars a year.

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  1. Find a pet store that offers loyalty programs for dog food. We have four dogs and go through a 30 lb. bag about every 2 weeks. You’re always buying dog food and from our research the cost per bag does not differ that much between stores. Our store offers every 10th bag free.

  1. Shop for treats, accessories, and toys at bulk stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. We have a Costco membership and buy our treats and dog beds there. They occasionally offer toys, collars, and leashes that we’ll purchase when available. Buying in quanity is definitely a cost saver for us when it comes to our pack of mutts.
  1. Exercise your pet regularly. How does this save YOU money? Just like humans, regular exercise helps keep your pet healthy and therefore avoid medical issues in the long run. It’s also great for their state of mind.  It keeps them from getting bored and making toys out of things in the house (shoes, furniture, etc.) that you have to spend money to replace.

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