DIY:Something Blue

Do you need an inexpensive present for an upcoming wedding?  Try a DIY present that you can personalize for any couple in less that three days.  Pick out a piece of wood at a craft store or from your scrap pile of cut wood.  Place it on wax paper for easy removal on day two.  Paint it blue with a foam brush.  I used an outdoor paint sample for the base color and a shade of blue and green to add dimension to the board.  Just squirt the paint where you would like to blend colors.  Let your creativity come out.  See picture for paint examples.  Allow to dry overnight.

Step 1img_7647

Step 2

Print off the couple’s name, date and design on your computer and make the letters 72 pt or larger depending on the wood’s size.  Trim the excess paper around the paper.  Use a pencil to shade the back of the paper.  Gently tape into position on top of the board and trace around the letters, date and design.  Gently raise paper to make sure you can see the outline over the blue paint.  Now the fun begins!

Step 3

Paint the couple’s name, date and design in white.  Paint a contrasting color, like pink, to add a heart on the sign.  Allow to dry overnight.  Add a second coat of white or pink paint if needed.  Add a hanger (from a dollar store) on the back.  Add a clear sealer if you want too.

Note: You may want to make multiple boards on day one to make the gift giving process easier during the wedding months!

Do you have an idea you would like to share with us?  Please send it to us.

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