Zero Spending

pexels-photo-251287.pngHave you ever thought about how much you spend without thinking about it?  Money can slip through your fingers before you know it and you could easily spend up to twenty dollars or more.  Drive through restaurants, coffee shops and drink machines can draw you in without effort.

My personal challenge for today included a zero spending day.  Make ahead bacon, egg ranch and avocado muffins were easy to assemble, thanks to Pinterest and saved tons of time for breakfast.  Who doesn’t like to sleep more on a cold morning?

I ate leftovers for lunch, not exciting, but another saver.  This gave me more time to catch up with friends and relax.

We grilled chicken on the bbq and took advantage of the warmer weather of 49 degrees.  Chicken on the grill always taste better.  So, I was able to survive without any drive-through, coffee shops or drink machines.   What habit will you challenge yourself with in order to create a life you love?



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