Less is More

pexels-photo-133919.jpegHow often do you discover objects in your house that you have consigned to oblivion?  Do you stuff them back in the closet or a drawer thinking you will use it later?  Get rid of the clutter around you and learn to live with less.  You will have more time to do the things you adore.

Spend time creating, listening to music or relaxing.   The things around you should bring you more joy, not more stress.  Take some time to create a space you take pleasure in.



One thought on “Less is More

  1. Your post comes at the right time. I’m downsizing to head back to Edinburgh after six years of living in Connecticut. Although it is an onerous task? it is one that is slowly but surely lifting my spirits. If we can think what we really hold dear could fit into a suitcase then that should be the measure of what we need 🙂


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