Simple Living

pexels-photo-266952.jpegLiving with less and the things that bring me joy has created a calmer environment around me and provided more financial resources.  I found out that I the objects around us cause emotions: positive or negative.   I chose to sell or give away things that caused me stress.  In the process, I got cash!

We often spend money on the latest gadgets and put them in closets or drawers as the newness wears off.  Or we buy another thingamajig because we have no idea where the other one is.  Why are we drawn in without even realizing it?

Another thing I noticed last month was the rush to buy storage tubs for the new year.  I guess that was one of the biggest resolutions next to weight loss.  Just get rid of all the stuff and you won’t need tubs.    Recycle it, donate for a tax write-off, give it away to someone in need.  The best thing I support is Give a Kid a Coat.  It is a local program that provides coats to those in need.  Find out ways you can give to your community and live a life full of joy.


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